HUGOMRVT - Hugo Mourlevat (Head of Digital Experience Design / Creative Technologist)

I'm Hugo Mourlevat, Head of Digital Design Experience and Creative technologist. I like to envision, design, and build ideas to digital products. With over 10 years of expertise in the field, focusing on crafting user experiences that combine functionality and aesthetics.

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Projects (+70)

Comette Cosmetics — Site Ecommerce

2018 — today

Online sales website, maintenance, automated marketing, internal process automation, and internal tool creation

Creation of an Ecommerce website for a handcrafted cosmetic products creator manufactured in Provence, Drome

+1M€ in revenue, +3300 customers, +32k products sold.

Features: Loyalty program, referral program, gift cards, Colissimo & DPD delivery, Monetico payment, lead generation, donation system, gift certificates integrated into the shopping experience.

Second Face — Showcase

2016 — today

Showcase website, maintenance, SEO

Creation of a showcase website for unconventional hair salons in Lyon. +200k visits, specific salon landing pages to optimize SEO
New redesign in progress - Launch in 2024

Offers (and products)

Let's create the showcase website or ecommerce that drives your idea and business.

CMS, static, Ecommerce

Offer dedicated to creating websites using a CMS or static site to support the launch of your business or project. Whether it's presenting an offer or selling your catalog online, it will ensure an online presence with a responsive, modern and efficient website.

Ensuring your online presence thrives well into the future, optimize your website's performance, protect its infrastructure, and implement robust security.

Maintenance, image optimization, performance, speed, security

Offer dedicated to website maintenance. Lack of optimization, security issues will impact the user experience of your digital showcase, this offer will allow you to focus on your business and let an expert take care of your website.

Imagine, collaborate, and come co-create the next digital experience for your project.

Co-design workshops, Research, UX Design, UI Design, Wireframing, Mockups, Design Systems, Prototyping, Graphics

Offer dedicated to optimizing the user experience. Thanks to support to make your websites and applications more intuitive, this UX/UI offer integrating user research, personas, customer journey mapping, wireframes, interface, UI Kit, design system and prototypes to improve usability allowing you to have a human-centered approach in order to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.


Turn your vision into reality supported by an expert, at an attractive price.

One page, landing page, mini-site, hosting.

Offer dedicated to creating mini-sites and landing pages for your product or offer presentations including a customized responsive website, maintenance and hosting with the support of an expert at a very attractive price.

Target, capture, convert and convert your prospects

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads, Twitter (X) ads, Landing page.

Offer dedicated to boosting your customer acquisition through tailored digital advertising campaigns, inbound content, optimized landing pages and strategic guidance to increase your conversions.

What if... the secret to your success lies in automation and suitable tools to allow you to focus on your business?

Automation, Notion, Zapier, Airtable, Make, Nocode

Offer dedicated to supercharging your productivity through automation. Thanks to intuitive tools, automate your email campaigns, CRM, social media, business workflows. Create your own custom solutions to gain efficiency and free up your time to focus on what's essential.

Through a personalized analysis of your activity, I propose customized action plans and advice to help you achieve your goals by adapting to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact me to share your needs, if they are already structured, you can submit them without commitment through Malt platform. I will be happy to advise you to the best of my knowledge!

Experience (+10y)

2016 — today

Michelin (Digital Experience Direction)

Head of Design & Design OPS

As Head of Design for Michelin Group's digital ecosystem, I lead 25 UI & UX designers focused on enhancing user experience. We prioritize the consumer's journey pre-development and implement a unified "Design System" across all brands. My role also involves managing design outputs and pioneering UX research within the CX framework

MICHELIN — Global Digital Experience & CX Factory

2014 — today

Michelin (Digital Experience Direction)

Creative Technologist (Website Creator, UX/UI Designer, Marketing Automation, Product Builder)

I guide businesses in digital solutions, specializing in website creation and strategic advice. My expertise encompass growth marketing, UX/UI design. I ensure platform excellence with premium maintenance and webmastering.

References: Michelin, Swaroswski, Comette Cosmetics, Second Face, BioApply, La Clé des Chants, Tire Intelligence, digital agencies ...

MRVT (Freelancer) — ✽ Malt available ● 

2023. Hugo Mourlevat, Head of Design @Michelin,
Creative Technologist @MRVT based in Lyon.